Quarantine Resources
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement

During this viral outbreak, all in-person activities at Trinity Lutheran Church have been CANCELED. Worship services will be held exclusively via Facebook Live until this Quarantine period has ended.

Quarantine Resources:

You may contact Pastor Vossler to arrange a time to receive Holy Communion or with any spiritual needs or other questions

"Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you" (Psalm 9:10)
Relevant Executive Orders/Other Resources:
  • Kansas Executive Order 20-15, Establishing "Kansas Essential Functions Framework" (KEFF)
    • As I understand it, live-streaming worship services would fall under the KEFF in the category of "KEFF 100 CONNECT: 3. Provide Internet Based Content Information and Communication Services"
    • If there were a "stay home" order issued in Wabaunsee County, Pastor would still be able to live-stream worship services from the church building, even if no one else can attend in person
  • Kansas Executive Order 20-16, State-wide "Stay at Home" Order
    • As noted above, I understand live-streaming worship services to fall under the Kansas Essential Functions Framework. Consequently, all worship services after March 30 will be LIVE-STREAM ONLY!
  • Kansas Executive Order 20-24, Extending the "Stay at Home" Order until May 3
  • Kansas Executive Order 20-25, Prohibiting Gatherings of 10 or more
    • This includes congregants/worshipers at religious gatherings (including funerals and memorial services)
    • This does not include those "conducting or performing" the service, meaning that the pastor and organist are not included
    • Our services are live-stream only, and the only people present in person are those "conducting" the service, so our services will remain the same
White House/CDC Coronavirus Guidelines:
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