Lutheran Laymen's League Fellowship Club
 Led By: Merle Lietz

What is the LLL?
Trinity LLL is an affiliated group of the International Lutheran Laymen's League that is a global movement of Christians empowered and equipped to communicate the Gospel to all the world. We have ministry centers in over 30 countries around the world "Bringing Christ to the Nations." LLL is who we are and what we do is called Lutheran Hour Ministries. LHM provides the Lutheran Hour radio program (7:30 a.m Sunday on WIBW), daily devotions, help topics and booklets, and evangelism training.
We welcome everyone to become a part of this ministry here at Trinity. Watch the calendar for meeting dates.

LLL Pancake Supper
Every February the LLL Fellowship Club holds a Pancake Supper to raise money for missions. Everyone in the congregation helps out with it, and everyone in the area is invited to join us! Keep an eye on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for information about next year's Pancake Supper!
Pictures from 2014